Protect Your Eyes This Winter with Knoxville Prescription Sunglasses

January 19, 2015


According to the professionals from Payless Optical, Knoxville prescription sunglasses should be worn all year round.

You may think that your eyes are being protected during the winter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Knoxville prescription sunglasses work by filtering out the harsh sunlight regardless of the season.

Although you feel less heat during the winter, those Knoxville prescription sunglasses are just as necessary as the rays from the sun can still cause eye damage whether you live in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee or Hawaii. Most people have no idea that Knoxville prescription sunglasses are still needed in December, January, and February.

During the winter months, the sunlight is at a different angle and is actually lower. With that being said, your Knoxville prescription sunglasses are even more important as you are getting more exposure during outdoor events. That winter sun could be causing damage to your eyes. Recent research indicates that the UV, or ultraviolet rays, contributes to mascular degeneration, cataracts, and aging.

If you spend lots of time outdoors, you need to wear Knoxville prescription sunglasses 12 months out of the year. People who drive in the snow realize how the glare from the sun can became just as intense as the glare from the roadway even if it isn’t snowing.

Up to eighty five percent of the sun’s rays are reflected up when there is snow on the ground. Those same UV rays can actually sunburn your eyes if you do not wear Knoxville prescription sunglasses. If you spend time on the slopes, your cornea could become damaged for as much as a week. Sunburned eyes will eventually heal, but are very painful.

According to Payless Optical, certain drugs and medications can also make your eyes more sensitive. Antibiotics that contain sulfa, birth control pills, tranquilizers along with other drugs could cause eye sunburn quicker than usual.

Shop online or in store for Knoxville prescription sunglasses and keep your eyes safe this winter.