Prescription Sunglasses Just Like the Photo

May 1, 2019

Buying prescription sunglasses online is hit and miss. In most cases, the color in the picture is completely different to what shows up in your mailbox.

Even those online prescription sunglasses stores that offer virtual try-on software can’t get it right. Your picture is either too small or the glasses aren’t placed in the appropriate place on your face. Without tools to shrink or move your face, it’s impossible to tell what they will look like when you really get to try them on.

Prescription Sunglasses from Payless Optical you Can Trust

Because you can buy prescription sunglasses from a bricks and mortar eyewear store in Knoxville you can see and feel the frames and lenses in person. There is no need to order and hope when you purchase new prescription sunglasses from Payless Optical in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Even if your frames match the description and picture on the online prescription sunglasses site, the lenses may not be correct or they may not be the exact color you thought you were getting. You could be very disappointed when your new prescription sunglasses arrive much lighter than what the guide on the site said.

Prescription Sunglasses and the Right Prescription

Sometimes online stores get it wrong. Even if you have put in the right prescription that your optometrist gave you the lenses still may not be suitable. Sometimes the curvature of the lens makes seeing difficult.

When you bring in your sunglasses prescription, Payless Optical will select the right lenses. Before you leave, you will be fitted with your new frames to make sure that your prescription sunglasses are comfortable. You can’t do that with a pair of prescription sunglasses that you ordered online.

For the best prices on sunglasses, you can’t go past Payless Optical in Knoxville. Shop for the most affordable prescription sunglasses in the Great Smoky Mountains today.