Prescription sunglasses Knoxville this summer

June 1, 2015

Payless Optical

Payless Optical is the place to head for prescription sunglasses Knoxville. Even spending a single afternoon in the sun without prescription sunglasses Knoxville could cause serious damage to your eyes.

Purchasing a second pair of glasses, especially prescription sunglasses Knoxville, is a must. Prescription sunglasses Knoxville offer you the best solution for driving and spending sunny days outside. Not only do prescription sunglasses Knoxville eliminate squinting, but they can also reduce eyestrain.

Even if you wear regular non-prescription sunglasses over your contacts, you may have to deal with dry eyes. Contacts will dry out if you participate in outdoor sports such as tennis and golf. Wearing sunglasses over your contacts when boating will also dry out your eyes. Contacts on the beach are even worse as you have to deal with wind, salt water, sun, and sand. Wearing prescription sunglasses Knoxville enables you to spend all day outdoors without the hassle and discomfort of contacts.

If you are not wearing prescription sunglasses Knoxville, and spend the majority of time in your car, you could be putting yourself at risk. Of course, you can wear contacts, but you are still dealing with discomfort, especially if the air conditioner is blowing in your face. You can buy clip on or magnetic sunglasses for your regular prescription glasses, but those types of sunglasses can occasionally scratch your expensive prescription glass lenses and can often be quite difficult to remove unless you take off your glasses. Attempting prescription eyeglass removal while driving can be extremely dangerous.

Prescription sunglasses Knoxville are the best solution when driving even if you have a pair of transitional lenses, as transitional lenses do not darken properly in the car because the windshield is blocking the UV rays. Transitional lenses may work great outside, but do not work as well in your vehicle.

When it comes to protecting your eyes, prescription sunglasses Knoxville are the best choice. Shop for prescription sunglasses Knoxville from Payless Optical today.