Look Younger in Discount Prescription Glasses

November 7, 2016

Knoxville discount prescription glasses

Knoxville discount prescription glasses from Payless Optical in Knoxville are the most affordable option in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee whether you are shopping online, or in store.

Affordable Knoxville discount prescription glasses options are not cheaply made, and best of all, will suit your face and your bottom line.

Men and women will love the new styles for fall 2016 available from Payless Optical in Knoxville, and if you are a woman over 40, you will be thrilled, especially if you feel like your Knoxville discount prescription glasses are aging you. Choosing the right pair of glasses really can make your face look younger. Readers and prescription glasses that you wear all of the time can actually help hide sunspots and wrinkles.

Top Trends for Women over 40

Show off your blue eyes with a pair of blue frames. Turquoise, sky blue, navy and periwinkle will really make those baby blues pop. Because of the emphasis on your eyes, very little makeup is needed.

If you have a long face, try to balance it off with slighter larger frames with a square shape. The larger proportion helps add balance and width to your face giving you a classic look.

Soften a square face with frames from Payless Optical in Knoxville. Look for Knoxville discount prescription glasses with round edges that will help soften your face. Black retro frames will give you a more youthful look while softening your square face.

If you would rather be more subtle, check out the wire rimmed frames from Payless Optical in Knoxville. Go for soft round wires that will keep your glasses out of the spotlight focusing all of the attention on your beautiful green eyes.

For the best selection of frames regardless of your age, head over to Payless Optical in Knoxville for Knoxville discount prescription glasses.