Fall Designer Eyeglasses in Knoxville Trends

September 14, 2015

Payless Optical

Payless Optical is always up on the latest designer eyeglasses in Knoxville, and this season isn’t any different. Payless Optical is your one stop shop for designer eyeglasses in Knoxville at prices that are so affordable; you will want to buy more than one pair of designer eyeglasses in Knoxville.

These days fashion forward designer eyeglasses in Knoxville were spotted on every runway from New York to Milan becoming the accessory for both sexes. Wearing designer eyeglasses in Knoxville is the perfect way to show off your eyes and give a boost to that otherwise tired outfit.

The fashion bloggers call it Old-School Fever and that is certainly the case when it comes to designer eyeglasses in Knoxville. What is old is now new again with disco fever hitting eyewear in a big way. Payless Optical has all of the designer eyeglasses in Knoxville in funky shapes and simple updates that give you a fresh look when it comes to Old-School Fever. Look for small round frames that remind you of John Lennon in shades of cherry red, ivy green, warm honey or stone gray. The guys love the round look but are also growing fond of the new teardrop aviator designer eyeglasses in Knoxville and the oversized square designer eyeglasses in Knoxville that give you a new look to an old trend.

When it comes to the best selection of designer eyeglasses in Knoxville, you can count on Payless Optical in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee to deliver the goods, especially when it comes to women’s designer eyeglasses in Knoxville.

Nearly anything goes for the fall of 2015 with extreme cat eye designer eyeglasses in Knoxville and overly dominating squares. This year you will also find keyhole bridges and clip-on lenses that are reminiscent of the 1970’s. Also, look for hounds tooth prints and abstract swirls giving you just the right amount of style in your new designer eyeglasses in Knoxville.

Shop online or in store for new designer eyeglasses in Knoxville at Payless Optical now.