Your Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville Could Be Too Small

February 3, 2014

Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville really are inexpensive, so much so, that you can afford more than one pair of Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville from Payless Optical.

As touched on last week, the shape of your face will determine the right pair of frames for you. Think opposite is the key when it comes to choosing the right Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville for your face.

When picking out Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville there are a few things you can focus on.

Try on several pairs of glasses and once you find a pair that suits your face check the weight. If they are resting on your cheeks and feel uncomfortable, they could be a bad fit.

If you look in the mirror and all you see are frames around the side of your face take them off and continue looking, as they are just too big.

Check the arms on your glasses and make sure you have a proper fit. If the arms are not resting on your ears in the right place, it is a sure sign that they are too small. Men who have large features sometimes have a tough time finding glasses with arms that are long enough. Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville will be able to help you choose a pair of Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville that fit in all the right places.

If you find that you have to squint when you are wearing, your Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville could be too small. Too much sunlight on the sides and at the bottom of your frames means it is time to look for a different pair of Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville.

Make sure that your new Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville work with your hairstyle and your coloring. At Payless Optical, you can afford a pair that will go with different hairstyles. You can even afford to buy a third pair for special occasions.

Shop online or come in and check out the modern selection of Discount Eyeglasses Knoxville from Payless Optical.