Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville All Year Round

October 27, 2014

Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville are not just for spring and summer. During the cooler months, it is just as important to protect your eyes from harmful rays with Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville.

You may not feel as much heat during the fall and winter, but those cheap Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville are just as important during the fall and winter as they are in June, July, and August.

Most people have no idea that the sun can be just as intense whether the mercury agrees or not. Not wearing Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville can cause serious damage, whether you live in Southern California or Boulder Colorado.

During the warmer months, the sun sits higher in the sky, during winter it is much lower and at a slightly different angle. That means you are getting more exposure, especially if you are out for longer periods. That soccer game of your daughters may seem cool and crisp, but if there isn’t a cloud in the sky, you will need a pair of Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville.

According to recent studies, the UV, or ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause various eye problems including macular degeneration and cataracts. People who spend the majority of their time outside without a good pair of Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville are just asking for trouble. Everyone should wear Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville all year round.

Skiers and snowboarders know the importance of a good pair of Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville. Because of the reflective qualities in the snow, you will be getting up to eighty five percent of the UV rays because they are reflected upwards. Without proper eyewear, you could be risking injury, as it is sometimes easy to misjudge a snow-covered slope.

Certain prescription drugs can also make you more sensitive to the sun’s rays any time of the year. Sulfa antibiotics, birth control pills, tranquilizers, and diuretics can actually cause you to burn more quickly, and that includes your eyes without Designer Sunglasses in Knoxville.