Designer Glasses Knoxville That Suit Your Style

February 17, 2014

Designer Glasses Knoxville will not cost you a fortune, unless of course you try to shop for Designer Glasses Knoxville at your optometrist. Unfortunately, your eye doctor is not able to get deeply discounted prices on Designer Glasses Knoxville, but Payless Optical can.

Because Payless Optical only sells lenses and frames, you do not have to pay what you usually would for Designer Glasses Knoxville. All you have to do is bring your prescription into Payless Optical and you can choose from a huge selection of Designer Glasses Knoxville from Payless Optical in Knoxville.

Not every eyeglass shop carries Designer Glasses Knoxville; in fact, do not be surprised if you have a hard time finding anything that is trendy and modern when you shop anyplace else. Payless Optical has a team of buyers that are on the pulse of fashion and will only select the latest styles, designs, and colors.

Knowing what shape your face is will help you pick a great pair of Designer Glasses Knoxville that you will adore.

A good way to determine your face shape is with a mirror and a dry erase marker. Start by pulling your hair back and tracing a line around your hairline going around your jaw line until you get back up to the top. Ask yourself what shape your line resembles and you will have your answer.

Another simple way to determine your face shape is to pull your hair back while analyzing your face. Is it symmetrical or narrow? If your face is symmetrical, go for frames that will suit round or square faces. If you have a narrow face, go for oval or rectangular Designer Glasses Knoxville shapes.

If you are still unable to determine your face shape, pay a visit to Designer Glasses Knoxville who will be able to come up with a color and style that will suit you perfectly.