Designer Glasses Knoxville for the Shape of your Face

January 27, 2014

Designer Glasses Knoxville will be the first to tell you that choosing the wrong pair of glasses could make you look washed out, disproportionate or just plain unattractive. Designer Glasses Knoxville can help you find the right pair of Designer Glasses that will be attractive, fashionable, flattering, and most importantly, affordable. Choosing the right pair of frames from Designer Glasses Knoxville can flatter the color and shape of your face giving you confidence and your own sense of style.

The shape of your face should be the first thing to consider when you are looking for a pair of frames from Designer Glasses Knoxville. Certain eyeglass frames can accentuate parts of your face. Those square black frames might look great on your best friend, but totally wrong when you put them on. Try on several shapes in order to find a flattering style for your face.

If your face is angular or square, try on round or oval shaped frames. Opt for Designer Glasses that have center set temples, or Designer Glasses that connect at or near the top of your frame. Steer clear of square frames and avoid the geometric angles that could accentuate your strong jawbone. If you don’t want people staring at your chin, skip the color accents on the bottom of your frames.

People with round faces should try on angular frames from Designer Glasses Knoxville. Rectangles and horizontal shapes will make your face appear thinner. Look for frames that connect towards the top of the frames, as this will make your face look longer. Leave the John Lennon small round frames for someone else, as these types of Designer Glasses Knoxville will only emphasize your round face.

When it comes to the best selection of Designer Glasses Knoxville, you can count on Payless Optical to provide you with fast, friendly, and helpful service. Come in and see for yourself why everyone in East Tennessee chooses Designer Glasses Knoxville.